I am a political scientist with a focus on political theory and public policy. I’ve written on distributive justice, welfare policy, feminist political theory, and the ethics of a basic income–an unconditional, guaranteed minimum income.

I’m an Associate Professor of Practice in Political Science at NYU Shanghai and the Co-Area Leader for its interdisciplinary Social Science major.

I have held a variety of academic administrative appointments, including Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at The New School’s adult and professional studies division, The New School for Public Engagement. Prior to that appointment, I founded The New School’s interdisciplinary curriculum in Food Studies and directed its adult undergraduate degree program.

I was the conference organizer for the 12th Annual North American BIG Congress, which took place May 9-11, 2013, in New York City, in conjunction with the Eastern Economics Association Annual Meeting. Thirty-four scholars and activists from 7 countries attended.

Featured speakers included Sheri Berman, Barnard College, author of The Primacy of Politics: Social Democracy and the Making of Europe’s Twentieth Century; Jurgen De Wispelaere, McGill University, co-editor of The Ethics of Stakeholding; David Casassas, University of Barcelona, co-editor of Basic Income in the Age of Great Inequalities; James Riccio, MDRC, co-author of “Toward Reduced Poverty Across Generations: Early Findings from New York City’s Conditional Cash Transfer Program”; and Darrick Hamilton, The New School, co-author of “Can ‘Baby Bonds’ Eliminate the Racial Wealth Gap in Putative Post-Racial America?”

I have a PhD in Political Science from Harvard University and an A.B. from Princeton University.

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